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Our standard recommendation is a minimum of 2 times a week. This will allow for a routine to be established and build the connection between the student and tutor. 

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How many times a week will my child/student attend tutoring?

When you observe behaviors such as homework meltdowns, struggling keeping up with certain content or a sudden lack of confidence a tutor may be an appropriate solution to support the learning needs of your child. 

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How do I know my child needs a tutor?

The consultation will identify the level of need. Our multidisciplinary assessments will show where your child is struggling.  Giving us what we need to know to develop their learning plan and create an appropriate tutoring program.

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How long will my child/student need to attend tutoring?

Our full program, including pre- and post assessments is a minimum of 8 weeks. However, you can end service any time. **

Will you contact my child’s/student’s teacher?

You certainly can work with the same tutor. If you choose to change tutors, due to schedule changes or preferences, any newly assigned tutor will have a complete overview of your child’s tutoring history with Tutors On Call. 

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Can I work with the same tutor again?
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Will my child/student get homework?
What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?
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What content can my child/student  get help with?
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What is the cost of tutoring?
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What can I expect from working with Tutors On Call?
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Brief practice homework assignments will be assigned in between sessions occasionally. The purpose is to reinforce the lesson material from prior tutoring sessions. 

After the consultation is completed, our academic adviser will share the assessment results and a program will be  developed for your child’s specific needs. We will create a schedule and discuss our fees. We offer flexible payment options and competitive rates.

​Our tutoring program includes instructional support, for students in grades K-12,  with the following content:

  1. English/Language Arts

  2. Writing

  3. Math

  4. Science

Progress! Your child/student will experience improved confidence and academic gains.

Along with you and your child, we will collect feedback from your child’s teachers. Their input is valuable to the success of your child’s tutoring program.

Is there a contract required for service?
How do I get a tutor?
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There is no contract required. Services can be canceled at anytime. However, a portion of the fees are nonrefundable.

Complete the consultation inquiry form on our homepage. One of our academic advisors will contact you to schedule your initial consultation. Following the evaluation of the assessment data a tutor will be assigned.

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