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Back-to-School Math Enrichment

back-to-school math tutoring

Focusing on the HOW & WHY of math, using activities that are both enriching and engaging

Educators On Call, in collaboration, with Tutors On Call is supporting students with one-to-one math review and enrichment, focused on preparing youth for the upcoming school year.

  • August 8 - 27, 2022

  • Rising Grades K-7

  • 90-minute virtual sessions

  • Sessions offered 1x, 2x or 3x per week​

  • Developing & enriching essential skills in Math

    • Based on initial assessment data​

  • Tuesday - Thursday & Saturday sessions are available

  • ​Session Fees:

    • $40/session (1x/week)

    • $35/session (2x/week)

    • $30/session (3x/week)

  • $50 Registration/Assessment/Learning Plan fee  

    • WAIVED until 7/13/22 with coupon code BTS_WVDREG22

    • REDUCED to $25 until 7/25/22  with coupon code BTS_REDREG22

  • Registration Ends: August 1​

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