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The Consultation

Your Custom-Made Academic Support Program

After completing our online inquiry form you will be contacted by a Tutors On Call academic adviser. The consultation will consist of collecting parent, student, and teacher feedback, along with scheduling a multi-disciplinary evaluation of the student to identify areas of struggle. The information gathered will allow us to formulate an instructional plan designed to meet the learning needs of the student.

One on one tutoring.
Consultation Components
Parent Feedback -

No one knows a student better than their parent. At TOC we recognize the value of parent feedback when establishing a  tutoring plan.  A brief questionnaire on the parent's perspective of the student is a key component of the consultation.

Student Feedback -

Prior to the first tutoring session, the academic advisor will collect reflective focused feedback from the student. The purpose is to get the student's perspective on the root cause of their academic challenges, to identify their learning styles and discuss their academic goals as a result of tutoring.

Teacher Feedback -

The teacher is the primary resource on the student's instructional team. Collecting input from the teacher provides insight to the student's academic strengths and weaknesses. The consultation will include feedback on the content that will be the focus of tutoring.

Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation -

The evaluation will consist of diagnostic assessments focused on the student's areas of academic need and individual learning style. The data collected will  create a profile of the student's ability and result in a prescribed individual learning plan.


Instructional Plan -

Using the assessment data and feedback collected, an individualized instructional plan will be formulated. The academic adviser and tutor will collaborate to map the plan's timeline.

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