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10 Fun Summer Activities for Families

Despite the current pandemic, there's still so much to see and do. Time is passing us by and we need to teach ourselves to make do with what we have. With the internet at our fingertips and our families by our side, the possibilities are endless. Let's cease the Summer of 2020 and be as productive as we can be!

1. Visit the Virtual Zoo

Are you an animal lover with a passion for adventure? Visit the zoo, virtually! Explore hundreds of exhibits and animals from the comfort of your own home. Watch animals in their natural habitat and learn tons of fun facts this Summer. Your favorite animal is just a click away. Here are some awesome zoos to virtually visit:

2. Explore Art from The Louvre

Explore the extraordinary exhibits and galleries of The Louvre Museum in Paris, France! They are currently offering virtual tours of the museum, for the many lovers of art. Let the art speak to you and inspire you. Use this energy to try creating your own masterpiece and share your art with your family!

3. Get Some Sun

Regardless of the restrictions of the current pandemic, it's important that everyone gets some Vitamin D (safely, of course)! Safely soak up the sunshine and feel it melting away all of your stress. If it gets too hot, cool down by turning on the sprinklers and playing tag. Have a water balloon fight or splash around in a kiddie pool, if you have one!

4. Build an Obstacle Course

Put together a fun obstacle course in your backyard! Use toys and household items to build this engagingly awesome course. Not only will you get your exercise for the day, but you'll get to use critical thinking skills and teamwork to construct this outdoor maze. Planning it out is half of the fun!

5. Have a Virtual Dance Party

Call five friends, crank up your favorite tunes and dance! Feel the beat of the music and show off your best moves and most importantly, have fun. This is another exciting way to get your exercise in for the day!

6. Movie Night

Hop in your car and enjoy the Summer breeze on your way to a local Drive-In. Watch your favorite movies in your very own car, all while safely practicing social distancing. Since many Drive-In theaters aren't around anymore, you might have to drive a distance to find one, but it will be well worth it! The whole experience is a classic, family friendly, way to have a memorable night.

7. Practice with Your Green Thumb

Make your very own DIY compost bin and get in touch with your green side! Collect food scraps and make a habit of tossing them in your compost bin this Summer. Click this link for step-by-step instructions for building your very own affordable compost bin.

8. Taste the World

Take a trip with your taste buds and visit the various cuisines the world has to offer. Try making a dish from another country with the family. Everyone will learn something new and have the wonderful opportunity of viewing life, with their sense of taste.

9. Stargazing

Set up a tent in your backyard and gaze up at the night sky. Download one of these fun stargazing apps on your phone to help you track your favorite constellations and stars, as they move across the mystical night sky.

10. Read Together

Gather up your family members or a few friends and start an online Summer book club! Create your own reading list this Summer and stick to it! Read and share your favorite stories with each other and analyze the characters and themes as you go.


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