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Getting Ready for School

With back to school season quickly approaching, anxieties may be flooding your and your child's heads. We're here to help! Here are some reliable tips to prepare you for the school days ahead of you. Let's get ready to prep our children to transition over smoothly from home back to the classroom.

Shop Smart for School Supplies

School supply costs can add up. Try stocking up on certain supplies so that you'll be better prepared in the long run, all while spending less! The Krazy Coupon Lady gives great tips on how to save on common school supplies. Read more here.

Get Them Used to an Alarm

Waking your children can be the most difficult part of your morning on a school day! Try using an alarm clock in your child's room to get them used to the responsibility of rising on their own. This not only helps with training them on healthy sleeping habits but helps parents get a bit more rest before their busy day begins. This alarm clock uses light and sound to slowly awake your little sleepers.

Plan Your Outfits

Have your children plan and lay out their outfits the night before school. This gives them a chance to review their options and practice discovering their style without the added anxiety of rushing in the morning.

Prep the Backpack

Have your children pack their backpacks with their homework, books, and needed supplies the night before school. Set the backpack by the door so they'll be good to go in the morning.

Have a Simple but Nutritious Breakfast

Breakfast, being the most important meal of the day; it's so important to get something nutritious in everyone's bellies before you step out the door. However, it can be such a challenge to do so without always relying on food that's highly processed. Depending on how much time you have that morning, here are some delicious options for either a grab and go breakfast or nice sit-down breakfast!

Keep Track of Time With Music

Keep track of your time using a playlist! Everyone's morning routine is jam packed with so many responsibilities that it can be easy to get caught up with one task. Try using music to track your time. Plenty of parents use music as a tool to get through tedious tasks. Check out this mom's morning music picks. This may seem like a bit much, but it can be a bright and engaging way to start the day! Try it out and see how it works with your family.


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