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Tips for Parents During the Outbreak

Check Your School Website

Keep a lookout on your child’s school website and check to see what resources are available to you during this time. You’ll be surprised at how much they can help you and your community! For example, one great resource to look out for is the list of school locations where students can get free meals! School websites should direct you to various learning outlets as well, to keep your child's education on course. You can also find fun activities and beneficial time-passes to keep you and your children occupied.

Make a Daily Schedule

Create a daily schedule for your children so that they can build a routine. This will ensure that they stay sharp and will keep their activities running smoothly during this time where everything seems to be so jumbled. Make it clear to them that this time is not just a vacation but a different opportunity that life has given them to learn in a comfortable setting. As the parent, be sure to sprinkle in some fun activities in their routine as well. Get creative with it! Have your children read quietly, nap, enjoy some tunes, paint, play a safe indoor sport and so on.

Talk to Your Children

In this time of chaos, your children might have 101 questions and might even be scared. Take some time to address their fears and let them know that you are there to protect them. Answer their questions truthfully and sincerely. It is important that they feel present and heard at this time.

Allow Time for Free Play

Although it is now your responsibility to be the teacher and parent, be sure to squeeze in some fun-time amidst the studying! Don’t overwork your children to the point where learning becomes unenjoyable. In an age where virtual play has become the norm, challenge your children to find other ways to play and explore! There are so many creative ways to safely play, so let them take full advantage of that!

Enjoy Family Time

There might be a million worries going through your head right now but try to adjust your perspective to see the good in this time. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to enjoy family time. Do something you normally wouldn’t have the time to do! Make a home-cooked meal together, bake cookies, create fun art and just play. Embrace the moments that you have with them and savor every bit of it, for it’ll be these little moments that you look back on later in life.

Curated by: Angela Varghese


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